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Know about Coimbatore

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  • Is the beehive for over fifty thousand large, medium and small scale industries from versatile fields

  • Has the largest concentration of spinning industry in the world

  • Has the highest literacy rate among the cities having population of 1 million or more

  • Accounts for more than 42% of pumpset produced in India

  • Is one among the 6 major cities in India for foundries

  • Accounts for more than 84% of textile machinery manufactured in the country

  • Is the first city to have a university for agriculture in the country

  • Was ranked the fourth best city in India to do business by a survey by Indicus Analytics for CII

  • Has 15% of medium and large scale textile mills in India

  • Has the highest textile activity per square kilometer in the world

  • Has the second largest trade fair complex in India

  • Is the only city other than a state capital to have a Registrar of Companies

  • Is the one of the most sought out cities for Jewellery manufacturing

  • Has the highest density of Engineering Colleges in the country

  • Is home for SODALTECH, Asias largest manufacturer of Paper Conversion Machinery

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